Lars Said Korby

Lars Said Korby is a Senior Consultant at Dreams and Details Academy. He is adept at assessing management systems, fostering leadership and advising teams so that they can reach new heights.

Previously, Korby was a sommelier at the world-renowned, two-Micheline starred and four-times world no.1, restaurant Noma in Copenhagen. During his seven-year tenure under chef René Redzepi, he showed highly skilled at navigating a fast-paced work environment while delivering high-calibre results.

Furthermore, Korby was selected from a pool of hundreds of applicants to serve as a member of the High Performance Talents program at High Performance Institute. In this program, Korby honed his in-depth knowledge of how to develop a teams’ potential and leadership abilities by exploring many successful leadership frameworks, including the Dreams and Details methodology.

 At Dreams and Details Academy, Korby utilizes his experience as senior staff in a virtuous environment combined with the Dreams and Details approach for optimizing business growth, to build strong leadership in the 21st century. 

Are you looking to become a leader that can nurture emerging talent and successfully adapt to a fast-paced world? Read the book or contact us here.

Lars Said Korby – Biography

Lars knows has worked for seven years at Noma. While he was there, first as an assistant waiter and later as a sommelier, the Danish restaurant earned a reputation as one of the best dining experiences in the world.

The world of fine dining and cuisine requires you to be able to quickly get an overview of situations and suss out the optimal solutions to problems or hurdles. To further develop his ability and potential for leadership, Lars joined the High Performance Talents, a Young Leaders Development Program at the High Performance Institute. This, in turn, has led him to become a trusted Senior Consultant at Dreams and Details. 

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