TACK/TMI under GI Group is our preferred partner on education. By combining the unique qorking methods of the Dreams and Details Academy, with the extensive knowledge on training help be the TACK/TMI organization, we have created a state of the art training program, enabling attendees to approach strategy and leadership within the framework of the Dreams and Details Leadership model.

TACK/TMI is a global brand serving clients in more than 50 countries worldwide, and by such, we are proud to say that the Dreams and Details Leadership Program is truly accessible all over the world. Should you wish to join the program, please contact your local TACK/TMI branch for further information: TACK/TMI Network

Gerbus Academy ​

Gerbus Academy is a German executive forum based out of Hamburg, bringing executives from all over Germany together with the aim of discussing and exploring future leadership and strategy. In collaboration with Gerbus Academy, we have created the Dreams and Details Future Lab, pinning together CEO’s of large German companies with the aim of exploring the Dreams and Details Leadership Model among other things such as “Managing core – Leading Innovation” and handling disruption.

For further information, please follow the link taking you to the site of the Gerbus Academy where you will find extensive information on the program, as well as instructions on how to apply.

Master Denmark​

Master Danmark and Master International is an international HR Assessment tool provider. We have been so lucky as to develop a tool assessing the state of implementation of the Dreams and Details methodology within your organization. The assessment is based on latest research within the field, and allows organizations specifically to target their efforts to the part of the model that is not yet fully integrated.


Bonzer is a digital bureau based in Denmark with a main focus on search optimization. With broad partnerships they help companies grow in a still growing digital world, where the digital profile and solutions of a company isn’t just a strategy among others → it’s a fundamental way of thinking in order to create growth in the future. Together with Bonzer, we have created this platform to share our home of Dreams and Details and continuously deliver content to inspire the next generation of leaders.

For further information, explore the universe of Bonzer here and understand their way of working and understand how they can grow your digital presence.

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