Jim Hagemann Snabe – How To Define The Ultimate Mission For Your Company

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“Trust people and let them go”

Jim Hagemann Snabe is one of Europe’s leading industrialists. He’s Chairman of the Board of A.P. Moller-Maersk and a board member of SAP, Bang & Olufsen and Allianz.

“Dreams and Details – in this excerpt from Jim Hagemann Snabe’s keynote at Presidents Summit, he explains the framework he uses in his daily work.

Essentially, it is about having a vision or a dream – extremely ambitious, but attainable in its nature. It acts as a beacon for the organization and it is the purpose and the goal the employees sign up for.

Details is the daily practice that supports those goals. All the single initiatives, that move you closer to the dream. The keynote clearly shows how to define a purpose for the company. He clearly defines what a dream is and isn’t and why many fail – they forget to dream and instead make financial plans.

The feedback we got on the keynote at the summit and afterward has been amazing, and this cut down version is an intensive crash course in leading with purpose.

Four minutes very well spent.”

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