Consulting Services

Dreams and Details Academy delivers high-quality, tailored processes, guiding organizations through the radical changes of the digital era and a fast-growing business environment.

Our area of services covers four steps; strategy development and verification through operationalization and execution excellence. 

Organizations would therefore ideally start up with the first step of the process. This would allow for a D&D mapping and thus determine the relevance of step two, three and four.

The four steps are:

1: Dreams and Details Strategy Development

Our Strategy Development helps clients understand the D&D methodology and ensures building a powerful D&D Strategy Map. Organizations will, at the end of a Strategy Development process, be able to do Verification and Operationalization and thus determine how to implement the Dreams and Details methodology properly. 

2: Dreams and Details Verification and Operationalization 

D&D Strategy Verification and Operationalization helps organizations:

  • Assess the completeness and readiness of their map to create impact
  • Define and select their elements of change.
  • Define the execution framework (approach, setup, and cadence)

Note: Ideally, organizations will have a D&D Map in place before engaging in a dialogue on verification and operationalization.

3: Dreams and Details Execution

Support and Flight Instruction will be provided to secure the process of implementing the Details to reach the Dream. This is being done through hands-on specific assistance in key elements of change such as Agile, Digital Transformation, Platform and other IT related topics.

4: Dreams and Details Pulse

D&D Pulse is an impact assessment tool, that provides organizations with the knowledge of implementation depth derived from their Dreams and Details efforts. D&D Pulse (Testing tool in cooperation with Master International) checks for Communication, Understandability, Relevance, Impact on self and business, on a broad employee-based scale. The D&D Pulse provides key-insight on implementation depth of the Dreams and Details strategy.

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