The world is undergoing radical changes. Therefore, business development and strategic approach needs to change too. To make sure your organization stays relevant in future markets, we believe leaders are forced to reinvent their business and leadership, and that, ideally, from a position of strength. 

Using the Dreams and Details Leadership Model, we drive such transformation processes in a business-world where planning seems impossible.

We offer Dreams and Details educational-programmes at different levels of insight. This means that you, as a participant, can enter at your desired level. You will be able to start with an initial inspiration, and from here, move on to an in-depth learning and training process. Our ambition with the leadership development program is not only to introduce the Dreams and Details Leadership Model, but also ensuring participants ability to conduct the methodology themselves, acting as transformational agents in their organization. 


Flagship Course: Dreams and Details Flagship Education

Lectures: Top executive practitioners, International Lecturers, and the Academy’s associated worrld-class experts.

Duration: 8 days

Attendees to this program will be dressed to the level of acting inside drivers of Dreams and Details processes in their respective organizations. You will be taught the leadership philosophy and methodology thoroughly through workshops and structured in-depth lessons. Knowledge will be drawn from both practical experience and research, solidifying the methodology’s power in today’s fast-moving world.

Through workshops, the participants will be guided in developing unique Dreams and Details Maps with essential findings to make the dynamic change of seasons. Furthermore, experts will be covering essentials for successful implementation. 

Introductory Course: the Dreams and Details methodology

Lectures: Dreams and Details consultants and lecturers closely affiliated with the Dreams and Details Academy.

Duration: 2 days

Through keynotes, case-stories and workshops, this two-day course will focus on developing an understanding amongst attendees to the level of creating their own Dreams and Details Reinvention-Map.
We will explore how you create integrated meaningful motivation from the Dream, and thereby help employees to heighten their performance to new levels. Furthermore, there will be a focus on how to decide future positioning of an organization or company.  

Workshop: Dreams and Details inspiration

Lectures: Consultants affiliated with the Dreams and Details Academy.

Duration: 3 hours

Through working with the Dreams and Details Leadership Model, your organization will be forced to face themselves with issues left from the industrial periods. Deriving a Dream from Direction, Ambition and Inspiration, the workshop allows your group to start thinking as in the time you are, and focus on elements unleashing human potential.

Key-note: Dreams and Details inspiration

Presenters: Mikael Trolle or Jim Hagemann Snabe

Duration: 45 – 90 minutes

An inspiring presentation about the world undergoing radical changes and why this calls for a new approach to leadership.

The keynote will be a perfect way to get a more profound knowledge about the Dreams and Details Leadership Model. It inspires you to reinvent your business and leadership from a position of strength and thereby unleash digital and human potential to new levels of performance.

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