The Dreams And Details Leadership Model

The Dreams and Details Leadership Model is our recommended leadership model to enable continuous reinvention based on maximizing human performance. The Dreams and Details leadership model advocates for the importance of inspiring people to drive reinvention based on an ambitious dream that points to the opportunities in the future. It involves focusing on the most crucial details and developing the most critical capabilities that enable the dream to come true.  And it includes setting the right mindset and framework to unleash human potential and accelerate the transformation of the organization.

The Dreams and Details leadership model is based on the realization that human potential and business performance can be developed exponentially if the right conditions are available. The model includes 3 key elements:

  1. The Dream – Inspiring people to be part of something that is meaningful and ambitious.
  2. The Details – Enabling people to beat their best in areas that are critical to achieve the dream.
  3. The Platform for change – Empowering People based on a common Mindset and clear Framework.
The Dreams And Details Leadership Model

The Details define which areas we need to transform and perfect in order to achieve the dream. In other words, the Details define which areas need the biggest change.  It is important to emphasize that we are not suggesting focusing on all details, but the few crucial details that need the most radical change to develop the needed capabilities and performance of the organization to achieve the dream. The details include the roles, the skills and the collaboration.

The Dream is what we want to achieve. It is derived from the overall purpose and long-term strategy of the organization. The dream defines a relevant direction for the company, but not the plan on how to get there. The dream has to be ambitious enough to inspire the necessary changes and must be so inspiring that it motivates and engages. The Dream includes direction, ambition and inspiration.

The Platform for change includes first of all a common Mindset for the organization. The mindset is derived from the dream and defines what people should have in mind, when they make decisions. As such the mindset enables people in the organization to make the right decisions in line with the strategic priorities. The Platform also includes a common Framework for the organization. The framework defines the boundary conditions, structures and rules within which the organization works. The framework allows people to act according to the “rules of the game”. In other words, the Platform enables employees to unleash their potential by allowing decentral decision making based on a mindset defining common priorities for decisions and decentral action based on a Framework defining “how we play together”.

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