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Mikael Trolle is the CEO of Dreams and Details Academy. He is the co-writer of Dreams and Details – Reinvent Your Business and Your Leadership from a Position of Strength. He has also written other books on leadership, motivation and sports.

Mikael is a renowned keynote speaker, consultant and corporate advisor. His unique insight and perspective on leadership, motivation and engagement has led him to work with a number of Danish and International institutions and corporations. They include Novo Nordisk, the Danish Government, The Royal Danish Theater and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR.

Mikael Trolle believes that great leadership is knowing how to reimagine and reinvent your company again and again. The case studies in Dreams and Details have all suggested that healthy and competitive businesses need a mindset that prioritizes developing your team’s skills and abilities. This way your organization can quickly adapt to a changing landscape and global market. Success in business, he and Jim Hagemann Snabe argues, isn’t just about adapting to new technologies. It is about developing your team’s talents to reach its fullest potential.

The role of the leader is therefore not just to guide. It’s to create the optimal conditions for developing your team. That means focusing less on performance indicators in favor of emphasizing the value of the performance in itself.

These well-earned experiences and thoughts have laid the theoretical foundation for the Dreams and Details Academy.

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Mikael Trolle – Biography

Mikael was born in 1959. He was, for much of his earlier life, known as an international volleyball player. In 1990, he became the head coach of Denmark’s men’s national volleyball team. He held this position until 2002. Over these 12 years, Mikael helped create and put together a cohesive and well-developed elite sports team. He was one of the key figures behind the 2013 Men’s European Volleyball Championship in Denmark and Poland.

In 2014, he returned as head coach. He also became the CEO and Sports Director of Volleyball Denmark. In total, he has coached the team through more than 350 men’s national volleyball team matches.

This background in elite sports and organization has given Mikael Trolle a thorough and keen sense for talent development and elite leadership. These attributes have made him a popular public speaker and a highly-regarded leader in the world of sports.

Since 2010, he has written numerous books on leadership and talent development in sports, drawing on his experience from coaching an elite sports team. This knowledge and expertise has made him a prominent and well-trusted consultant and advisor to many of Denmark’s largest corporations and organizations. He also started guest lecturing at several universities and help develop the High Performance Leadership Program for CBS Executive.

The Founding of Dreams and Details

In 2017, he co-wrote Dreams and Details – Reinvent Your Business and Your Leadership from a Position of Strength with Jim Hagemann Snabe. It garnered great success and was named that year’s Book on Leadership by Lederne, a Danish interest organization for leaders and executives.

The experience lead them to co-found the Dreams and Details Academy in 2018. The purpose of the Dreams and Details Academy is to help CEOs, leaders and larger organizations foster a company culture that encourages developing new skills and motivates employees (and employers) to reach their full potential.

Mikael Trolle holds a M.Sc. in Biology and Sports Science from the University of Copenhagen. In addition to being a consultant and advisor, he is also a speaker in High Performance Institute and guest lecturer at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and the University of Copenhagen.

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