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What does; winning the next season in Formula 1, creating the successful TV-series “The Killing”, coaching the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series and leading a business through digital disruption have in common?

A lot according to Dreams and Details. They all require leadership to solve the most challenging dilemma in business: How do you reinvent an organization from a position of strength.


Chapter 3 – Dreams and Details – A New Leadership Model

In a world that is changing with ever-increasing speed and with many unknowns, there is a need to unleash human creativity to find the best solutions and the best path to fulfilling the dream.

As leaders, the more detailed plans we make, the more defensive we become, because we cannot foresee everything and can only plan based on the boundaries of current knowledge.

“There is at least one point in the history of any company when you have to change dramatically to rise to the next level of performance. Miss that moment – and you start to decline.”

 – Andrew Grove 1936-2016, CEO Intel.

The Dreams And Details Leadership Model

The Dreams and Details Leadership Model

The Dreams and Details Leadership Model is our recommended leadership model to enable continuous reinvention based on maximizing human performance. The Dreams and Details leadership model advocates for the importance of inspiring people to drive reinvention based on an ambitious dream that points to the opportunities in the future. It involves focusing on the most crucial details and developing the most critical capabilities that enable the dream to come true.  And it includes setting the right mindset and framework to unleash human potential and accelerate the transformation of the organization.


“Dreams and Details inspires leaders to replace bureaucracy with human creativity and defines a new leadership model for continuous reinvention in a world of relentless change.”

Gary Hamel, Management Expert, author, and Visiting Professor at London Business School

“Dreams and Details represents the winning formula of a true leader of consequence. Every student of succes should read this masterpiece!”

Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP SE

“Dreams and Details is a brilliant condensation of both the magic and science of building disruption proof businesses. The book describes how to create the magic of the shared dream that energizes everyone, as well as the science behind the details of managing the reinvention of the company. A must read for everyone in charge.”

Risto Siilasmaa, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nokia Corporation

“The leadership book of the year 2017 has been found. The “Dreams & Details” model is an approach to leadership that puts human performance at the center stage.”


"In "Dreams and Details", Snabe and Trolle set out to explain why all leaders have to combine visionary long-term thinking with practical and tactical perspectives in management. This is a difficult combination, but based on the authors' own experiences, the book provides excellent examples of modern leadership practices. A must-read!"

Nicklas Bergman, Entrepreneur and Technology Investor

“Chairman Jim Hagemann Snabe and Sporting Director Mikael Trolle have written a convincing and inspiring book on leadership in a time where we don’t know what we don’t know.”

Berlingske: ★★★★★☆

“Jim Hagemann Snabe and Mikael Trolle have written a brilliant book on how a company gets to know its dream, focus on the details and builds a bridge between the two."

Jyllandsposten: ★★★★★★


Dreams and Details reviewed by Nik Gowing

Dreams and Details reviewed by Den Howlett in Diginomica

The English version of the book Dreams & Details, has been reviewed by Den Howlett from Diginomica.

Howlett notes: “I’m normally not a fan of business or management books. Too often they reflect the experience of individuals who have attained phenomenal success without necessarily providing the essential critiques about what works and what doesn’t. Dreams and Details by Jim Snabe and Mikael Trolle is an exception.”

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Review by “Lederne”. (Danish text only)

The book Dreams & Details has been nominated leadership book of the year in Denmark!

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Review by Claus Skovhus in Berlingske Business. (Danish only) ★★★★★

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Review by Henrik Ørholst in Børsen. (Danish only) ★★★★★

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Review by Ulla Bechsgaard in Jyllandsposten (Danish Only) ★★★★★★

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The Authors

Mikale Trolle

Mikael Trolle is the CEO and Partner of the Dreams and Details Academy. For 28 years, he was CEO and Sports Director in Volleyball Denmark and for two periods, the head coach of the men’s national volleyball team. Mikael’s career has spanned eight years as an international volleyball player, followed by 21 years in head coaching positions at club and international level summing up 342 matches spearheading the men’s national team. He is a a lecturer and examiner at the University of Copenhagen and at Copenhagen Business Schools High Performance Leadership programs. Mikael is as well a speaker at the High Performance Institute. As a consultant and corporate advisor, he has worked with numerous Danish and International companies and organizations, such as Novo Nordisk, The Danish Government, The Royal Danish Theater and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR. Mikael holds an M.Sc. in Biology and Sports Science from the University of Copenhagen.

Jim Hagemann Snabe

Jim Hagemann Snabe is Chairman of the board of A.P. Moller – Maersk A/S (DK) and Chairman of the supervisory board of Siemens AG (D). He is Vice Chairman of Allianz SE (D) and a member of the Board of Trustees at World Economic Forum. Jim has developed his career through 24 years of service in the IT industry. Throughout his career Jim has had leadership roles at SAP and IBM, leading global consulting, sales and product development organizations. He was appointed member of the executive board member of SAP in 2008 responsible for Innovation and Product Development. In 2010 Jim Hagemann Snabe was appointed co-CEO alongside Bill McDermott.  Together they successfully reinvented the software giant SAP from 2010 to 2014. Through his involvement with the World Economic Forum Jim is actively engaged in efforts related to the Digital Transformation of business and society. Jim Hagemann Snabe has a M.Sc. (economics and business administration) from Aarhus University and is adjunct professor at Copenhagen Business School, CBS.

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The book pulls together decades of the authors’ firsthand leadership experiences and studies multiple cases of efforts to reinvent organizations and perform at new levels. The book presents the Dreams and Details leadership model and offers specific recommendations for how you can reinvent your business and your leadership style.

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